Premium Greeting Cards

Our Greeting card format is perfect for delivering a manufacturer style message, customer appreciation and Special event announcements.

Why is this any different from other Direct Mail Campaigns?

Greeting Card Advantages

  • Each envelope is handwritten
  • 100% of the mail is opened
  • Live First Class Stamp
  • Appears to be mail from a relative, friend, or acquaintance
  • STRONG response rate generates high quality traffic – 100% PURE BUYERS – interested in purchasing vehicle based on a monthly payment

No need for any Gifts or Gimmicks, just PURE BUYERS.

Is my dealership right for a ‘Premium Greeting Card’ sale?

Absolutely! The “Insider” event is right for any size dealership, large or small, and will produce outstanding results over  3 days or more period, usually allowing a dealer to salvage the month in a single weekend.

How soon can I book a ‘Premium Greeting Card’ Campaign?

Your dealership should allow TPG 3 weeks to put together the “Insider” event. Call 1-800-618-3688 today to schedule an event that’s GUARANTEED to boost sales and profits for your dealership.