The Premier $99 Car Sale

Contagious buying-frenzy!

Total high-energy!

Creation of incredible anticipation!

Hundreds of pre-approved and in-the-market buyers!

Huge gross profits!

Pumped up sales force.

50 percent of pre-owned and/or New inventory sold in 4 hours!

What are the origins of this event?

The Premier Group pioneered “The Premier $99 Car Sale” in Baltimore, MD. at Fox Chevrolet in 1997 resulting in 125 vehicles sold on a Saturday.

  • TPG has staged over 1000 Premier $99 Car Sales nationwide.
  • TPG orchestrated the largest $99 Car sale event ever at Fedex Field, with 9000 recipients and 500 cars sold in just 2 days.

What does TPG do for the event?

  • TPG creates proven advertorials that boost traffic of awareness specifically for “The Premier $99 Car sale”. This marketing campaign sells up to half of a dealership’s used car inventory in a single afternoon using a controlled, buying frenzy like atmosphere.
  • TPG orchestrates each aspect of this multi-staged campaign. From the development of a unique, personalized direct marketing “J-letter” newspaper article (with a sticky note from a “friend”) that reaches the mailboxes of thousands of prospective used car buyers.
  • TPG develops and places high-impact, newsworthy print advertisements in local newspapers (or radio and TV) that stimulates the interest of local prospective buyers.
  • TPG works with the used car manager to arrange for inventory selection, pricing, and exact placement of vehicles on the lot.
  • Premier $99 Car Sales utilize chain-link fencing that completely encircles the used car lot, 3-5 days prior to the event.
  • TPG displays large, easy-to-read “$99 Car Sale” banners. On the fencing for drive by traffic awareness. A comprehensive pre-event sales meeting is given by the local TPG manager to educate and instruct sales force on how to handle customers before (the pre-approval process) and during.

On event day:

  • A complete team of highly-trained staff arrives early.
  • A professional emcee/DJ entertains the crowds who have been standing patiently in line for hours prior to the event getting customers emotionally fired up.

After a morning of excitement-building, the gates are opened and the buying-frenzy environment begins to explode!

  • Customers begin to “land on” vehicles that they hope will be slashed by thousands of dollars, or in some cases, as low as $99.
  • They become emotionally attached to “their” vehicle even before the price slashing begins as they sit and await the beginning of the sale.
  • Once the price on the windshield of the car is drastically reduced by as much as 4 to 7 thousand dollars right in front of the customer’s eyes, the rest is history.
  • In as little as 4-6 hours dealers have been able to sell as many as 40-140 cars.

Is my dealership right for a “Premier $99 Car Sale”?

An ideal candidate for a Premier $99 Car Sale Event would be a dealership that has at least 8 salespeople and a decent “used car inventory. Experience dictates that dealers should carry an inventory of at least 100¬†used vehicles and be in close proximity to a showroom or used car building that will allow bureaus to be run and final sales paperwork to be consummated.

  • The more inventory¬†a dealer carries in the $5-15,000 price range, the more successful the outcome of the event.
  • Every dealership should not only have at least 8 salespeople but at least 2-4 people finance managers in order to handle the increased flow of multiple sales that occur throughout the morning and into the rest of the day.

How soon can I book a “Premier $99 Car Sale”?

It is extremely important to book this event as early as possible to allow enough time to produce all of the necessary print materials and secure advertising in the appropriate publications

  • The Premier $99 Car Sale events are booked in an exclusive area so they are not competing with other cross-town dealerships. Be sure to call 1-800-618-3688 today to secure a day and time that is exclusive to your store and allows you the highest impact for your dollars spent.